TFA OP Washing

Since today is the last day of September, this marked as both the last day of Sketchtember and the deadline of the brainstorming session for the IAP. To mark the end, I thought of drawing two sketches of OP washing, one by himself, and another with the help of his companion. And afterwards, I may draw the thumbnails as material for the first animatic draft since next month, as I should have been.
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TFA Slipstream and Arcee

Seeing how my TFA Copic Marker sketches prove popular, I thought that it would be nice if I could draw more sketches coloured with copic markers. My subject of choice is TFA Slipstream listening intently to Arcee’s storytelling, since I am quite interested in TFA mixed faction pairs, due to their differences in culture as much as size.
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TFA Shockwave being cute

Today is mum’s birthday, so I drew a birthday sketch for her. In addition, I also drew a sketch for TFA Shockwave looking “cute”. I knew I made some mistakes, particularly in the design and some shading (partly due to fatigue from sleeping late last night and going outside for 3 hours), but insofar, it’s fine. I’ll draw something original later.
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