March of Robots 2018: Day 10

So, today I planned to take a rest after drawing 5 days/nights straight. But then I woke up early this morning and unable to sleep back, I decide to just spend this morning finishing a sketch I drew yesterday. For convenience, I decide to just shade by the 0.1 pen instead of the 0.05 pen, and also wring with the robot designs. I really need to work in the practice for anatomy and robot designs.

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March of Robots 2018: Day 09

I finally finished the 9th sketch for the event, featuring a worker robot finding a pot of plant. Honestly spending late night finishing sketches in intricate shading with a 0.05 pen really took a toll on my right hand and mind. I need to refrain from the crosshatching shading and just settle on simple lines/shading.

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March of Robots 2018: Day 05

After work, I’m not sure if I have enough time to draw a sketch for March of Robots tonight. Yet here I am, completing a sketch of my new robot OC (a cyclop mother robot searching for scraps to feed her progeny, which are in her “backpack”) for the event, complete with the shading (done entirely with a 0.05 pen.). I guess my work is done here.

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March of Robots 2018: Day 01 – 03

So I just realized the March of Robots began 3 days ago, and I forgot about it due to work. Deciding to catch up, I drew around 3 sketches starting 2 days ago. I may not be able to draw a sketch a day, but I hope to complete at least 10 sketches this month, if I could.

For the theme, I plan to just draw my robot OCs I created during Inktober 2 years ago, tho depending on situation, I may or may not draw some TF chars as well during this month.

I understand that my art skills may be shaky due to not drawing much for a month, plus some physical condition of my right hand. Still, I wish to use it as an opportunity to practice in expanding my art skills and concept.

That said, here is the process of the 3 sketches.

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