TFA: Main Trio (AU)

Hello again, everyone. Ever since I found a job since August, it had been a hectic period. I am aware that I haven’t drew anything for months, and when I heard this year is ending, I had ideas about some sketches, which I will complete this month for practice/fun/recreation/improvement sake.

This time I started with a very simple sketch of the main trio from by TFA Vs Quintessons AU that I made for at least a year, as mentioned in my previous sketch. Though it is meant to be simple, it nevertheless took me 3 days to complete it, mostly due to time limitations, and sickness.

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TFA: Napping

So, I found a job starting tomorrow, meaning I will go in a hiatus for a while. I do want to create one more drawing for this week, but at the end I end up drawing two digital paintings of TFA Blitzwing and Bumblebee taking naps in turn, due to my inability/lack of patience to draw the lines by digital means. It took me 3 days to complete it.

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TFA: Seekers

Ever since the identity reveal of red jet Decepticon from the Bumblebee Movie trailer, the fandom seem to have a field day of the Blitzwing/Starscream identity fiasco, and most of the content really crack me up. In fact, some of the comments cracked me up so much, it inspired me to draw a sketch of Starscream and seeker!Blitzwing.

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