TFA: Nutcracker

Starting this month, I am planning to have a “One Month, One Drawing” schedule, where I would complete and submit an artwork each month, no matter the quality. This time, I will begin the plan by a self-indulgent TFA fanart, featuring the main characters in the Nutcracker costume.

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TFA: Optimus Prime (Neon)

So today is the last day of 2018 in my place, and I spent the last day drawing and finishing TFA Fanart. One of them is a supposedly-casual digital painting practice, which end up snowballing to something more “complete” in result. Though there are certainly rooms of improvement, I am overall surprised and yet satisfied with the result. I believe this can serve as a testament for the evolution of my art style throughout this year.

On another note, Happy New Year everyone!

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(Art) Summary of 2018

So, in recap of this year, I had worked in three jobs separately (including the one I found last year), had spent some months either bust in work or busy in job hunting. Hence, there is not much artwork created compared to the previous years. At the very least, I had discovered digital painting mid-year, and I have not stopped ever since.

On the other hand, it is the year where I start to become more aware of the needs of social bonding. Starting this year, I start connecting with my friends in the church group. Throughout this year I had certainly learn a lot compared to the last year. Though this year is hectic and not smooth, it is nevertheless a meaningful experience.

My goal for this year is to get better in work, social, and art, along with being better in dealing with stress/anxiety/self doubt. And if I could, I hope to draw at least one art each month next year, even if it’s just one simple sketch.

So Happy New Year everyone!

TFA: Xmas Choir

(So Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, everyone! Sorry for being late, since I was busy finishing the artwork. On the other hand, this month had been pretty good, and I had watched three films in the same week.)

Since it was Christmas, I decided to draw an artwork to celebrate the holiday, starring Team Prime from TFA to sing choirs for the holiday.

While I used digital painting and basic poses to hopefully save time, it ultimately took me two days to complete it, in no small part due to my perfectionism, stemmed from the desire to draw more than just simple sketches in half body compositions.

Nevertheless, it can serve as a great experience of painting for me, perhaps as a conclusion for this year’s art development.

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TFA: Main Trio (AU)

Hello again, everyone. Ever since I found a job since August, it had been a hectic period. I am aware that I haven’t drew anything for months, and when I heard this year is ending, I had ideas about some sketches, which I will complete this month for practice/fun/recreation/improvement sake.

This time I started with a very simple sketch of the main trio from by TFA Vs Quintessons AU that I made for at least a year, as mentioned in my previous sketch. Though it is meant to be simple, it nevertheless took me 3 days to complete it, mostly due to time limitations, and sickness.

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TFA: Napping

So, I found a job starting tomorrow, meaning I will go in a hiatus for a while. I do want to create one more drawing for this week, but at the end I end up drawing two digital paintings of TFA Blitzwing and Bumblebee taking naps in turn, due to my inability/lack of patience to draw the lines by digital means. It took me 3 days to complete it.

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