March of Robots 2018: Day 05

After work, I’m not sure if I have enough time to draw a sketch for March of Robots tonight. Yet here I am, completing a sketch of my new robot OC (a cyclop mother robot searching for scraps to feed her progeny, which are in her “backpack”) for the event, complete with the shading (done entirely with a 0.05 pen.). I guess my work is done here.

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Happy New Year! (1/2)

So, 2017 has officially passed.

Honestly, 2017 is a year of huge change and growth for me. There’s the final project I have to complete within the first 5 months for graduation, where I learnt how to complete a huge project on my own in my own pace, while taking care of my body and my mind. Then theres’s the job I found in July, where I worked as a designer for a company. Throughout the year, there are ups and downs. There are things that look good for me, and things that may not seem happy. Still, this year felt like when I have a sudden bone/height growth when I was a child, where I usually have to suffer through aches and fevers, but ultimately I ended up growing up and became stronger each time.

All I can wish for 2018 is a year for me to continue my growth as a better, happier, more independent person who could deal with social life, mental health and career in healthy methods.

Meanwhile, here is the process for the first sketch I drew this year, both for celebrating the New Year and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Transformers Animated.

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TFA Strika (Coloured)

So, as mentioned before, I have a months-long hiatus ever since I found my current job in July. Now since’s it’s Christmas, I considered of drawing some simple Christmas sketches for celebration, but I have some art block in terms of theme and motivation. So ultimately, I decided to pick some old BW sketch and colour it in Photoshop.

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So two weeks ago, I got a job offer from a company, and starting from last Monday, I will begin my 3-month trial period, 5 days per week. Due to the new schedule (plus me needing to take care of my hand), the art blog will go in a hiatus for a while.