So two weeks ago, I got a job offer from a company, and starting from last Monday, I will begin my 3-month trial period, 5 days per week. Due to the new schedule (plus me needing to take care of my hand), the art blog will go in a hiatus for a while.


TFA Medics

(Due to my carpal tunnel acting up, along with my possible emerging cold / flu thanks to me walking outside under the rain, I guess my “a sketch a day” plan will be postponed for a while. So no drawings for at least a week from now)

So for a sketch, I decide to draw younger versions of TFA Ratchet and Red Alert discussing about medical stuff. I love both characters, and want to see them interact more as medical colleagues.
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So months ago, someone requested a sketch of TFP Ratchet as the boy from The Last Guardian, with Trico. Later, the same person requested another sketch, featuring TFP OP as the Armored Knights from TLG. Due to the animation project at that time, the request was not complied until today, when I remembered the request and decide to finish it once and for all.
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