TFA Femme Chibis

So International Women’s Day is two days ago (in my country), and since I thought I want to participate, I decide to draw Chibis of TFA female characters to celebrate. Hope I wasn’t too late tho.

Originally I did plan to draw my favourite TFA characters in full body, but since I have limited time and effort, I can’t quite figure out the composition and the design. Later I thought I could just draw chibis in action poses, since it’s more economic than draw a full body sketch.

The tools I used are blue pencil for sketch,


Zebra 0.4 fine pen for first inking,

And the brush pen for further outline.

TFA Berserker

So today, I ended up feeling bummed out due to some events this afternoon, and when I tried to draw in-betweens for animation project, I realize I cannot draw them well in this state. So instead I decide to draw some vent art to get it out of my system.

Initially it’s just some random sketches of Cybertronians “crying”. In my headcanon, whenever a Cybertronian is under extreme emotions (eg. anger, sadness, fear, etc), bolts of plasma would be shot out from their optics and even their bodies, as to get the extra energy out to prevent overloading. It is partially inspired by how Tailgate from MTMTE “cry”.


But then I drew a scene. A self indulgent scene where TFA Megatron goes berserk to his enemies (the Quintessons from my AU), presumedly due to either frustration of progress or anger for his fallen comrades. That’s when I realized the pose and sketch itself holds too much potential to be ignored. And so I continued inking, putting more effort in inking the lines and the shading, along with the plasma around him. I have not done much research to the lightning patterns, so it may not look too convincing. Also since I go for quick sketch nowadays, not much long term planning is put in, and I had to navigate between drawing plasma and the Con himself. I’m glad it look decent insofar.

Pencil Sketch
First Inking
Second Inking
Shading added

Afterwards, I decide to draw the colour red. Being uncertain, I draw the plasma red, then afterwards, I drew the red parts of the character. And finally, I drew the character with warm grey.

Red Plasma
Entirely Red
Grey colour added

Insofar, I find the warm grey a little regretable, as I feel it takes away the intensity of the “Red Only + BW Lines” version. Perhaps I may not be able to draw the plasma correctly without digital tools, but still it’s a nice attempt. I like it insofar.

Quick Sketch Requests

Starting this Monday, I had received requests from tumblr, where I would draw quick sketches of certain characters. These are the ones I had drew insofar.

Askeladd from Vinland Saga
TFA BB 1.0
TFA BB 2.0

TFA Blitz and OP

So again, instead of resting, I spent the first day of this week drawing yet another substandard TFA fanart sketch, this time with another Blitzwing + Optimus Prime sketch. I guess I was very interested of drawing it ever since I drew the first Blitz + OP sketch.

This time I use the blue pencil, both for the tidiness of the sketch and the lighter tone, so the sketch won’t be too distracting. This is something I learnt from the previous sketch last week’s dirtier sketch.

Pencil Sketch
Pencil Sketch

Again, due to my health condition, I could only spent like few minutes to plan out the pose, and as a result the pose is haphazard as expected. At least the shading look good enough (hopefully)

First Inking
First Inking
Second Inking
Second Inking
Sketch erased (+ more "emoticons")
Sketch erased (+ more “emoticons”)