TFA Doodle

As I need to present my animation for an interview, I am currently colouring the robot animation, complete with new outlines. During the colouring process, I had drew some doodles of TFA characters for relaxation.

TFA Brush Pen Exercises

Today I had bought two brush pens from the book fair, and I decided to give it a go by drawing TFA characters today. These are the results.

First time using the brush pen. My hands were really wobbly back then.
TFA Bumblebee, in the sketching stage
TFA Bumblebee, now inked entirely with a brush pen. Nice in a cartoony way, though the thick lines may lose some nuance.
A sketch drawn with both a 0.05 Copic Pen and a Brush Pen. Pretty nice in results
TFA Optimus Prime,with the same tools above. It looks clean and nice

TFA Arcee

I had finished a sketch today, with the lines and shading included. Let’s just say that my illustration job had helped me refine my lineart skills. (The shading part is another story, though)


TFA Sketch (Line)

TFA Sketch copy

Transformers Sketches

So during last month till today, I had practiced my inking skills by drawing sketches, mostly with Transformers Animated characters.

I found out that while I work fine with smaller sketches, it is the larger ones where I found my stroke wobbly. Perhaps more practice in still life with inking would have helped the stability.

TFA Arcee
TFA Optimus Prime and Slipstream, line only
TFA Optimus Prime and Slipstream, with shading
TFA Red Alert