Assignment: Reduction and Analysis of a Comic

In this semester, one of my assignment of the course SM2705 is to retelling a story through several means; one of them is retelling a comic book through 10 pages. I decided to choose Pandaman, for I love the comic for its engaging story, exciting action, and an interesting social commentary. Seeing that pasting 10 pivotal moments would not retell the story effectively, I decided to redraw the comic into 9 pages.

Pandaman is a originally newspaper-distributed comic drawn by 江康泉, where the story tells the titular hero/vigilante’s adventure to save the Hong Kong citizens against the injustice of the Police and the Government. At the same time, a detective is assigned to investigate Pandaman’s mystery, and soon he realises that things are not what it seemed.

As I had to rush the assignment to fit the deadline, the quality may be poor in certain areas. Still, I am glad that I could draw comics dedicated to this wonderful comic, and I would redraw them soon once the school assignments are dealt with.

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