So two weeks ago, I got a job offer from a company, and starting from last Monday, I will begin my 3-month trial period, 5 days per week. Due to the new schedule (plus me needing to take care of my hand), the art blog will go in a hiatus for a while.

Illustration from “Kung Fu and Science”

So as I mentioned before, I had participated in an illustration job for a book last year, and here, for the sake of portfolio, I decided to post all of the illustrations I drew during the period.

Source: [Kung Fu and Science, published by City University of Hong Kong Press]

Cover Design:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Inside Illustration:


Source: [Kung Fu and Science, published by City University of Hong Kong Press]

TFA Femme Zine: Chibi

After drawing the TFA Strika piece, I decided to take a break. However, I could not resist drawing the chibi version of TFA Femme characters I’ve drawn insofar, since they are easier to draw detail wise.

Pencil Draft
1st Inking
BW Version

TFA Femme Zine: Charge

A week ago, I began brainstorming for future TF Femme Zine pieces, since I planned to create more TF entries with a clear theme. During that time I had make a lot of research in posters and artworks alike. For Strika, a character I find both cool and fascinating due to her nonstandard design and role as a femme character, I decide to pick on the Soviet theme, since she had a Russian accent, and according to her creator Derrick Wyatt in Allspark Almanac, “his specific inspiration for Animated Strika was a stocky Russian woman wearing a babushka and lipstick”

Since I’m still not entirely familiar with posters or graphic design in general, I collected several posters from internet and gave a quick scan on the composition and colouring many times. At the same time I drew many thumbnails to figure out the ideal composition for the piece. Ultimately the idea for the Strika piece came first, when I realized I could gain inspiration from wartime posters where the soldiers charged before the giant version of their national figure (Lenin / Stalin / Mother Russia)

Inspiration #01
Inspiration #02
Inspiration #03

From the thumbnails, I figured out a sketch where TFA Strika points at somewhere, signalling her troops to charge. Her smaller version of troops (taken form of Team Chaar members) took charge under her command. I even planned a red + yellow striped background, since I thought that Red + Yellow = stereotypically Soviet.

First Thumbnails
Subsequent thumbnails
Final Thumbnail

Yesterday I decided to finish the piece once and for all. First I inked it, then I cleaned it up in Photoshop. I scanned three version of the sketch, the final one having the stripes added  on the sketch. However, I eventually realized the stripes did not achieve the desired composition, and so I chose the second sketch.

BW Version
Scrapped draft

Colouring did not prove as easy as I thought, since as mentioned before, poster design is still not within my comfort zone. I made several attempts in colouring, and ultimately I had to do several adjustments and layers (along with white outlines) to make sure the piece looks presentable. The process took me 6 hours to complete, and has been proven to be one of the most challenging pieces I had completed insofar

Also the background does not seem soviet-y as I wished. Most likely it’s due to the black lines on the red / yellow striped background. I guess I’m pretty done with the piece.

Red Overlay
WIP (Too dark for audience liking)

Since my carpal tunnel is acting up due to my constant thumbnail / doodle sketching, I decide to take a rest for a while. Perhaps if permitted, I would draw at least 2 more of the future TF entries for the fanzine. I will try to take care of my hand until then

TFA OTP Prompts

So in last week, I’ve been in hiatus, since I was busy planning the compositions for the future TF Femme Fanzine submissions. However, 3 days ago, I received at least two tumblr requests about an OTP meme, so I decide to oblige.


The sketches are pretty simple in composition. I see them more as placeholders for my next TF Fanzine submission. That is, if I could manage to make one in the future.

Pencil Draft

First Draft


TFA Femme Zine: Lost

Rodimus tells me that she used to be more laid back, but ever since losing her arm to a Decepticon boobytrap she’s nothing but business “ – Hot Shot, Allspark Almanac II

About the TF Femme zine, I planned to draw several entries featuring TFA femmes, and I drew at least 2 sketches last week. Yesterday, I decided to ink the other sketch (TFA Red Alert with her lost hand), seeing that my hands at that time are still fine-ish and not too sore.

Originally I planned to draw the expressions, but I realized I have trouble in perspective, and since the sketch is more about the lost hand, I decided to omit the expressions. I inked the sketch and fixed it in Photoshop.

Pencil Sketch
First Inking
BW Version

It took me a while to decide the colours.The smoke is easy: pretty much the combo of yellow (a colour of danger) and pink (colour of energon – lifeblood of Cybertronians). It is the shading of the char that puzzles me. I tried grey, then modified it in level and curves, and soon it became light brown, which does fit the reddish hue.

Smoke colour

TFA Femme Zine: Duo

So around a week ago, I had lost my wacom pen, and adding to the health condition, I had not drew much sketches. That is until 2 days ago, where I bought a replacement wacom pen, and now I proceeded to draw a sketch and coloured with Photoshop, mainly for the submission to the current TF Femme Fanzine.

Months ago, I came across the first TF Femme Zine, and I really enjoyed the content. I was disappointed that I don’t have time to complete an entry for the zine, but luckily, the OP started another fanzine, in which I have enough time to complete at least one entry for it. I had drew some of the composition sketches for brainstorming.


2 days ago, I decide to draw the one with the least dynamic composition, the one where TFA Arcee and Red Alert are standing next to each other ready to fight. In consideration of my hand condition, I proceed to draw a sketch, mainly with a 0.5 pen and a brush pen. Since I still haven’t found a replacement pen yet, my hand can be bit shaky in inking, and the composition are not interesting enough, so I don’t have much high hopes for it.

Pencil Sketch
First Inking
BG Version

Things changed when I bought a replacement pen, where I now proceed to colour the sketch through the multiply layer. While my condition could only allow me to draw in simple cel shading , it’s better than I thought.

Flat Colour
Blue Shading

TFA Medics

(Due to my carpal tunnel acting up, along with my possible emerging cold / flu thanks to me walking outside under the rain, I guess my “a sketch a day” plan will be postponed for a while. So no drawings for at least a week from now)

So for a sketch, I decide to draw younger versions of TFA Ratchet and Red Alert discussing about medical stuff. I love both characters, and want to see them interact more as medical colleagues.

Previously my hands are fine, but last night I spent at least an hour sketching references of TFA characters, which does stress my hand more than it could take. Due to my hands suffering from fatigue, some of the lines ended up wobbly. Perhaps no sketch until my hand could recover some strength for a while.

Pencil Draft
First Draft