Birthday Sketch: TFA Blitzwing

Today is my birthday, and it’s been a while since I had drew anything. I started a simple sketch of TFA seeker!Blitzwing, then coloured it mainly with the lasso tool, the gradient tool, and the multiply layer function. Colouring is still a new territory, so I might consider doing some practices and references in lighting and colours in the future.

First Inking
Final Inking
Flat Colouring

March of Robots 2018: Day 19-22

So last night, I drew 4 sketches for later inking, and today I completed 4 sketches in a row to catch up (which is a miracle, but at cost of the health condition of my hand, meaning I might either take a rest or just draw simple sketches from now on).

The former two are mostly unconnected sketches concerning of the characters I want to draw the most: Spider-bot (now more angular looking and surrounded by her tiny spy-bots), and a type of medic-bot who are build to have more bulk than the one I drew in Inktober. Completing the first sketch is difficult, since there are many details and shadings I have to follow through. Because of this, the second sketch are made to be simple in shading.

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March of Robots 2018: Day 16-18

Today, after an interview, I decide to just finish 3 sketches involving Satellite-bot and her tiny astronaut robot friend, to catch up with March of Robot. I am a bit disappointed with some sketches, particularly the first one. However, I’m pretty tired, and as I remember, “Finished, Not Perfect”, I may try to draw more refined sketches soon. Also, Depending on condition, I may or may not draw more than one sketches each day to catch up with the event.


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March of Robots 2018: Day 14-15

So tonight I realized I may not have much free time this week due to several events. Due to this, I decide to hasten the drawing pace and hurry up the March of Robots routine to complete at least 20 of them this month, if I’m lucky.

Both sketches are different in characters. One with 3 floating bots I drew in Inktober (now with different configurations of “skirts” as petals of different flowers. I might make some adjustments later), and one with the flying bot, where I made him bird-like in design to distinguish him from other flying humanoid robotic characters in the past. I might need to work better in the shading and the sketches in the future.

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March of Robots 2018: Day 12-13

This afternoon, I managed to complete 2 more sketches. The sketches is about Police Bot again, only now with another different version. In my headcanon of my robot characters, there are at least 2 types of common police robots: the ones built for speed, and the ones built for strength/endurance. While both types do not get along well due to their different style of work, I can see a buddy cop show story of a speed/tank duo learning how to get along.

Drawing both characters can be tricky since I haven’t truly finalized the designs of both characters, particularly the tank-police bot. Nevertheless, those sketches can be seen as concept art, and good for future ideas.

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