TFA BA + Shockwave (2/2: Final)

After taking some rest and continuing shading despite the fact my hands haven’t fully recovered, I had finally completed the drawing. Good to see it finished.
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TFA BA Sketch

Seeing how I wanted to see another TFA artwork, and how I haven’t drew any female Cybertronians for a while, I decided to give it a try and draw a portrait of BA. Needless to say, I have forfeited careful planning of anatomy and proportions in favor of finishing the product.
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TFA OP Portrait

So in reference of the previous sketches (TFA OP+Arcee, TFA Rodimus Smiling), I noticed that artworks with additional shading looked more layered and tangible compared to one’s with no shading at all. Due to the observation, and the reference for Chris Riddell’s richly textured and layered style, I decided to give it a try to an artwork, with the shading drawn in crosshatching.
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