Happy New Year! (2/2)

So continuing on the last sketch, I decided to colour it on Photoshop. Drawing the base colour and filling it with gradients of lighting and shading is quite fine, but then I realized that with the black lines, it looks grungier than I expected, so I decided to just put gradients on lines directly.

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Happy New Year! (1/2)

So, 2017 has officially passed.

Honestly, 2017 is a year of huge change and growth for me. There’s the final project I have to complete within the first 5 months for graduation, where I learnt how to complete a huge project on my own in my own pace, while taking care of my body and my mind. Then theres’s the job I found in July, where I worked as a designer for a company. Throughout the year, there are ups and downs. There are things that look good for me, and things that may not seem happy. Still, this year felt like when I have a sudden bone/height growth when I was a child, where I usually have to suffer through aches and fevers, but ultimately I ended up growing up and became stronger each time.

All I can wish for 2018 is a year for me to continue my growth as a better, happier, more independent person who could deal with social life, mental health and career in healthy methods.

Meanwhile, here is the process for the first sketch I drew this year, both for celebrating the New Year and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Transformers Animated.

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TFA Strika (Coloured)

So, as mentioned before, I have a months-long hiatus ever since I found my current job in July. Now since’s it’s Christmas, I considered of drawing some simple Christmas sketches for celebration, but I have some art block in terms of theme and motivation. So ultimately, I decided to pick some old BW sketch and colour it in Photoshop.

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So two weeks ago, I got a job offer from a company, and starting from last Monday, I will begin my 3-month trial period, 5 days per week. Due to the new schedule (plus me needing to take care of my hand), the art blog will go in a hiatus for a while.

TFA Femme Zine: Lost

Rodimus tells me that she used to be more laid back, but ever since losing her arm to a Decepticon boobytrap she’s nothing but business “ – Hot Shot, Allspark Almanac II

About the TF Femme zine, I planned to draw several entries featuring TFA femmes, and I drew at least 2 sketches last week. Yesterday, I decided to ink the other sketch (TFA Red Alert with her lost hand), seeing that my hands at that time are still fine-ish and not too sore.
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