March of Robots 2018: Day 30-31

Finally I managed to complete the 31-day March of Robots event when I expected to complete at least 15 sketches. It’s a miracle I did not expect.

The downside is that not only my right hand was strained (again) while drawing, but also I drew those 2 sketches without having lunch at all (hence the sloppiness of the final sketch. That, and the fact I go for a more complex but self-indulgent design instead of a simple one. My bad.).

Anyhow, here are the two sketches, one with the climbing robot who found a nest (Environment is not my best area, especially rocky cliffs. Hence me improvising the shading), and the final one being the robot in conductor suit (which ironically look sloppier than the more complex previous one despite of the simpler design. I guess the lack of lunch is to blame).

Recapping this month, there are happy moments, and stressful moments. But nevertheless, I’m glad that I participated the event, since it gave me an incentive to create characters and the story behind it as well. For the next month, I shall devote my time to healing, letting my hand rest, some job searching (my contract as a graphic designer to the company ended at the end of March), and some art practice if possible.

1st Inking


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