March of Robots 2018: Day 06

Last night I missed a sketch due to the night lesson (which is in every Tuesday). Tonight, I drew a sketch of a disgruntled border patrol robot checking the pass, while the twin guns above him aim for the applicant should they decide to do something dangerous and extreme.

Since I want to show both the power of the border patrol over the applicant in terms of size and composition, I end up using the entire paper for composition, as opposed to just treating it as white space for my robots characters in the previous sketches.

During the shading, I realized the 0.1 pen is running out of ink, and so is the 0.05 pen. I only planned to shade the counter below the border patrol, but I end up shading the entire background. Hence the darker background that sometimes stick with the border patrol themselves. In hindsight, the light does add the the oppressive atmosphere, though the lack of planning means the background shading looks haphazard in some parts. Not to mention some parts of the main robot themselves sticking too close to the background.

Honestly, the background shading is killing me and the only 0.1 pen I have. Guess I have to buy more 0.1 pens, and just settle with white background for convenience and health reasons in the future.

1st Inking
2nd Inking
Shading on Main Robot

One thought on “March of Robots 2018: Day 06

  1. Holy heck, Koko, this is AMAZING! My mind’s blown by the level of detail and I’m really really curious about the story here. XD


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