TFA Femme Zine: Lost

Rodimus tells me that she used to be more laid back, but ever since losing her arm to a Decepticon boobytrap she’s nothing but business “ – Hot Shot, Allspark Almanac II

About the TF Femme zine, I planned to draw several entries featuring TFA femmes, and I drew at least 2 sketches last week. Yesterday, I decided to ink the other sketch (TFA Red Alert with her lost hand), seeing that my hands at that time are still fine-ish and not too sore.

Originally I planned to draw the expressions, but I realized I have trouble in perspective, and since the sketch is more about the lost hand, I decided to omit the expressions. I inked the sketch and fixed it in Photoshop.

Pencil Sketch
First Inking
BW Version

It took me a while to decide the colours.The smoke is easy: pretty much the combo of yellow (a colour of danger) and pink (colour of energon – lifeblood of Cybertronians). It is the shading of the char that puzzles me. I tried grey, then modified it in level and curves, and soon it became light brown, which does fit the reddish hue.

Smoke colour

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