TFA Femme Zine: Duo

So around a week ago, I had lost my wacom pen, and adding to the health condition, I had not drew much sketches. That is until 2 days ago, where I bought a replacement wacom pen, and now I proceeded to draw a sketch and coloured with Photoshop, mainly for the submission to the current TF Femme Fanzine.

Months ago, I came across the first TF Femme Zine, and I really enjoyed the content. I was disappointed that I don’t have time to complete an entry for the zine, but luckily, the OP started another fanzine, in which I have enough time to complete at least one entry for it. I had drew some of the composition sketches for brainstorming.


2 days ago, I decide to draw the one with the least dynamic composition, the one where TFA Arcee and Red Alert are standing next to each other ready to fight. In consideration of my hand condition, I proceed to draw a sketch, mainly with a 0.5 pen and a brush pen. Since I still haven’t found a replacement pen yet, my hand can be bit shaky in inking, and the composition are not interesting enough, so I don’t have much high hopes for it.

Pencil Sketch
First Inking
BG Version

Things changed when I bought a replacement pen, where I now proceed to colour the sketch through the multiply layer. While my condition could only allow me to draw in simple cel shading , it’s better than I thought.

Flat Colour
Blue Shading

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