So months ago, someone requested a sketch of TFP Ratchet as the boy from The Last Guardian, with Trico. Later, the same person requested another sketch, featuring TFP OP as the Armored Knights from TLG. Due to the animation project at that time, the request was not complied until today, when I remembered the request and decide to finish it once and for all.

Since the request require a crossover between two characters whose designs I’m not familiar with, I basically did some research, particularly on the Armored Knights. I took attention on the armour patterns to make sure it’s the same armour from TLG.


As I said in previous posts, I had lost my blue pencil, so I resorted to 2B pencils, with a softer grip than before, so A.) my hands won’t hurt too much, and B.) the draft won’t stick on the papers too much. Then I drew the lines with a brush pen.

Pencil Draft

Also, a bonus doodle:


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