TFA Sari + Emotions

Seeing how the TFA Megatron + plasma piece look interesting to me, I decide to explore more of the theme where Cybertronians emit plasma while suffering from intense emotions. This time I picked Sari, mostly because it’s easier to draw, and she was overloading from extra energy in canon.

I lost the blue pencil, so I used the yellow pencil instead. I drew with a 0.4 pen, then a black marker for BG, before moving on for blue markers.

First Draft
B+W version

Turns out that  A.) drawing blue after drawing black could cause some muddying of blue and B.) drawing blur markers with yellow pencil traces could cause unintended colour mixing. Overall the sketch is…okay. I would see it more of an experiment tho.


Also noted, I had drew more than one sketch within today. I did not expect that, and I think it’s time to A.) take a rest and B.) settle for simple headshots and sketches without any fancy expressions and poses.


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