Screenshot Redraw: Hot Shot and Red Alert

Feeling quite stressed and a bit bored from the beginning post-production of the FYP, I decide to start some exercises, where I would choose some screenshots from the TFA series and redraw them. It is a thing in the fandom, so I decide to give it a try.

The screenshot I drew today is a still of Red Alert amputating Hot Shot’s injured legs before she was pulled away by Spittor. I chose the screenshot mainly for the mood and the composition.


Like the Bumblebee painting, I start the sketch by greyscale, then colour through overlay. Compared to the previous paintings, this one is quite tricky, since it included environment as well, and I had to consider the composition and lighting / value of each background to make the picture look better.

As for the characters, it took me several drafts to get the post and the character right. At one point I drew a lineart for convenience, but because the lines did not mesh well with the lighting, I went by the lineless painting style instead.

Pose Drafts
Basic shading

It took me days to complete the greyscale version of the painting, complete with refinement and adjustment of the value and lighting. I used the oil paint brush for some textured backgrounds (eg. smoke and ground), and the hard brush for the rest of the part

Monochrome Version

When I began the colours, I realized that greyscale + colour overlays didn’t really equal to good coloured sketch, since colours are more than just values, and also with the interaction among them. Seeing how the colours did not mesh well, I add a purple overlay on the characters. It look much more harmonious in colour and prove to be more atmospheric.

Basic colour for characters

In conclusion, colour is more than just colour overlay + greyscale, and more studies in lighting and colours could help me grasp them better. Also, better stop redrawing and focus on the FYP until graduation.


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