TFA Bumblebee Painting

Today, instead of spending time resting my hand or at least completing the post production of FYP (Which I am doing right now), I decide to test out digital painting with another TFA character, this time with beginning with a greyscale rather than palettes themselves.

I noticed that due to the muted palettes provided, the lighting of the previous painting seem uneven and not emphasised enough. Considering the idea, I decide to start another digital painting, with greyscale, since from what I see in some professional illustrators, greyscale is a more effective way to create a better atmosphere and lighting when compared to just colours.

Greyscale ver. of previous painting, which look too soft in lighting contrast for my taste.

I consider it a mere practice, so I chose a simple neutral pose of head-and-shoulders framing. I start with the basic gradient of lighting, then refine each parts with the shading. Like the previous painting, I made some parts darker to make them seem disappeared into the backgrounds.

Monochrome version

Afterwards, I use the overlay to add colours. I choose the purplish-blue for the background colour, for it could contrast with the character’s yellow colour.

Monochrome, with blue eyes
Coloured version

Now think about it, the colours may look too garish in contrast. But then again, I am still not good with colours, and I haven’t got any references for the colours. Maybe I would take care of the references and colours next time.


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