TFA AU Sketches

Months ago, I thought up of a TFA AU involving both alien invasion and a Cybertron where the Great War never happened, and the Groundbuilds (Autobots) / Warbuilds (Decepticons) live side by side in peace (insofar).

The AU has several parents, including the peacetime AU, the idea that both Autobots and Decepticons fought Quintessons together before they turn against each other, and a WWII Human AU sketch idea where Ratchet (an American medic) and Megatron (a British soldier) found Blitzwing (a German child) among the ruins. I am still brainstorming for story ideas, and I’m really bad in creating engaging plots or characterization/worldbuilding.

The AU is still fuzzy in plot and characterization, and the only thing consistent is the idea that Ratchet (a groundbuild medic), Megatron (a low ranked warbuild commander) and Blitzwing (a warbuild soldier who are just activated no longer than weeks ago) are the main trio trying to return to Cybertron while evading the Quintessons. The AU could be regular Cybertronian version, or human version where the main characters are equipped with weapons and tools to fight the aliens.

I wrote some notes on the iPhone for the story points, and drew some sketches to get the scenes right. Some of them are just pre-war designs; others are just messy doodles of scenarios. I would not guarantee that I would necessarily continue to flesh out the AU. It is possible that I would end up dropping the AU, since war and scifi is not necessarily my niche. Still, when ever I have time, I would do more research and collect more inspiration whenever I have time.

Main Crew
Main Crew

Studies on Blitzwing's pre-triple changer form


Studies on Blitzwing’s pre-triple changer form

Some of the story doodles

Some of the story doodles
Sketches on Human Version
Sketches on Human Version
Unrelated sketch of TFA Megs with TFA Ratch
Unrelated sketch of TFA Megs with TFA Ratch

On another note, my key drawings for the Graduation project is almost completed. I am planning to finish the rest of them by tomorrow, before returning the equipment by this Thursday.

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