TFA Heroic Duo

So during free time, I occasionally watch Justice League intro while imagining a TFA parody of it, and from the daydreaming, I noticed more similarities between Prowl and Batman than I thought.

Now TFA OP is obviously similar to Superman, from the red-and-blue colour scheme and the great physical strength, to his idealistic and heroic personality. But for Prowl, I noticed several things he shared with Batman:

  • He’s mainly black in colour scheme
  • He’s a stoic loner
  • He throws sharp objects as weapons
  • He fights enemies by hiding in the dark/disguise and attack them by surprise

And most importantly

  • Being a foil to our red-and-blue hero

Knowing this, I immediately drew a sketch of TFA OP and Prowl being Supes and Bats. Due to the fact I only have 1 hour left before leaving for meeting, the sketch and inking is quite rushed, so my humble apologies about that.

(Also my right hand seem to hurt from overextending. Maybe more rest would help)

This time I used the A4 sketchbook for the first time, whereas the sketches I did before are smaller. Knowing this, I could use 0.38 pen for the outlines, then the brush pen for thick lines and markers for colours.

Pencil Draft
Pencil Draft
First Inking
First Inking

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