Inktober 2016: Day 16

Since my right hand is pretty numb, I thought that it is time for me to perhaps draw less artworks with many details. Sure, there are sketches with complex composition and patterns, but I will draw with simple tools to alleviate the stress of my hands. With the exception of one sketch, all future sketch will be drawn with 0.5 copic pen as the finest pen.

So today’s entry is one of my robot OCs, Floaty-Bot. Inspired by Sapphire from Steven Universe and jellyfishes, Floaty-Bot are pretty small in size, can float around with their “skirts”, and usually travel in groups.

This time I drew with a brush pen only. I noticed that my brush pen and the 0.1 pen are already worn down, and I have to use greater grip strength to draw a line with them. Because of this, I switched the pens with new ones.

I haven’t done much modification in pencil drafts to make them more precise, and as the result, some shapes seem to lack planning. Also, I realized that brush pens, being fine in the tip, requires much control in the grip, which in my case translates to greater grip strength. Maybe I should switch to 0.5 pens from now on.

Pencil Draft
Pencil Draft

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