Inktober 2016: Day 07

Today is another entry for my robot OC series. This time the entry is a trio of Delivery-Bots, who are created to carry heavy materials used for scientific/military/construction purposes. I am still figuring out who are they serving, and their personality as a whole.

The little bot is the same one from the animation project last year, where they have a parent-child relationship with the robot hitman. The other two are recent addition, where both of them are created in mind of contruction bots. The middle one, intended to be female due to my need for more “female robots” made to be bulky in frametype, is visually inspired by Arcee’s audials and Amethyst’s body type from Steven Universe.

Influences (from left above corner, anti-clockwise: SU Amethyst, a Tractor, and G1 Arcee)
Influences of middle-bot (from left above corner, anti-clockwise: SU Amethyst, a Tractor, and G1 Arcee)

Originally she has a face, but since I thought that “female robots” with emotive faces seem a bit too cliche (?), I thought that as a worker bot, her mask may fit her design more. Her feet is very much like tractor tracks, and I’m still wondering if her legs are permanently tracks or it could be converted in individual legs.

As for the taller one, I haven’t decided their “gender” yet, but their tall design is made as a counterpart to the middle one’s squat frametype, and their their facial design is inspired by hoodies in squarish design. To be honest, the only aspect I assign for the taller bot is being the middle bot’s companion, so I don’t know about their personality or design. Hope I can find something that make them more than some taller companion.

First Design
First Design (no mask on)
Sketches of both delivery bots (mask added)
Previous Design of middle bot (the one in the right)

The inking this time is with the 0.5 pen and the brush pen. The patterns of the materials are actually improvised. Compared to the previous robot OC sketches, the lining seem cruder, and at one time I forgot to solidify the order of foreground and background. As a result, the taller bot’s head is in front of the middle bot’s materials when it should be the opposite! I paste the paper on top and correct the mistake.

Pencil Draft
Pencil Draft
First Inking (before correction)
First Inking (before correction)
First Inking (Corrected)
First Inking (Corrected)
Second Inking
Second Inking

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