Robot OC Sketches

(This is not an Inktober entry, but since most of the characters will be the subject matter of future Inktober entries, I will show them in this blog post)

So throughout the September, I had created several robot OCs based on different designs. The designs came up from loose doodles back when I try to practice drawing with a looser grip strength. What seemed to be a loose attempt to draw Transformers characters quickly turn to an exercise to design robot characters.





I confess that I am biased, considering my only exposure to robots are Transformers (notorious from having an extremely unequal male:female ratio) and some action series (eg. Pacific Rim, Mecha shows I watched as a kid). But from my observation, that there seem to be lacking prominent female robot characters that are not made to be conventionally attractive or feminine. Because of this, I ended of drawing a lot of female robots in different silhouette and design, all inspired by some Transformers characters (eg. Strika) and Steven Universe, which featured female characters in diverse sizes and shapes.



I wouldn’t say my design is perfect or creative, considering I am an amateur artist with a pretty limited experience and world view. But then insofar, I do enjoy drawing the characters, and I hope to complete the Inktober by drawing them as practice. I only have broad outlines for each characters, and their specific personality/role may change sooner or later. Perhaps their presentation would not necessarily reflect what the characters are in the future, but they can serve as an exercise for character design/inking.



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