Inktober 2016: Day 03

Last night I had drew some sketches for future inking purposes. Most of them are original, although one of them is a TFA fanart featuring Bumblebee and Sari Sumdac. I always appreciated their friendship in the series, and I thought of showing it by having both characters bro-fisting each other.

Pencil Draft
Pencil Draft

Like yesterday, I used a brush pen and a 0.5 copic pen as main tools. It is pretty fine, and the bold lines does look more warm and appealing than thinner ones produced by finer copic pens. However, there is one time where I fudged up Sari’s pigtails, reminding me that hair is far from my comfort zone. Just like yesterday’s sketch, I pasted two pieces of paper on the pigtails and redraw them, according to the canon style.

First Inking
First Inking (before fixing)
First Inking (after fixing)
First Inking (after fixing)

From my observation, it seemed that the brush pen has less ink than usual. Perhaps once it used up the ink, I will use another brush pen for the Inktober.


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