Inktober 2016: Day 01

Yesterday marked the first day of Inktober, and it is an event I want to participate. I did participate in Inktober last year, but the drawing schedule was sporadic at best. This time I wish to stick to the schedule closely as best as I could. Due to the hectic school schedule (with the IAP and the quizes and group projects), I could only draw simple artworks of OCs/other characters during that time.

For this sketch, I spent at least an hour inking one of the sketches drawn in September. The subject matter is one of my anthro OCs, Eagle Officer Lady. I haven’t figured out her story, aside from the fact she came from a prestigious family renowned for their role of guardians and soldiers.

Pencil Draft
Pencil Draft
First Inking
First Inking
Inktober: Officer (2016)
Final (Close Up)
Final (Close Up)

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