Chicken Sketch

Last night, after watching Jake Parker’s video about fanart and projects, I decided that it would be best for me to draw more original artworks as best as I could, consider that I have spent my summer vacation drawing nothing but fanart, and I don’t have much drive and passion to think up original, exciting ideas compared to years ago. I can say that fanart is somehow my comfort zone that I need to break out.

The reason why I mostly drew fanart is that from my observation, fanart tend to get more recognition than original ones, consider that people have more emotional connection with pre existing characters than original, unknown ones, a concept that I agree with by first hand. Still, it would be nice for me to draw more original works and expand the horizon.

During the brainstorming, I noted that the subjects I’m particularly fond of are music, birds, dancing, and so on. Previously, I had some interest of drawing anthro characters, and because of the brainstorming, I drew some sketches about any possible original characters based on birds last night. Considering it’s Sketchtember now, I thought it would be nice to draw one of my bird characters today: a mother hen with her chick.

Concept Sketches
Concept Sketches

In the previous artworks, I mostly used 0.05 copic pen and 0.1 copic pen, which can allow delicate nuance among line works, but require a lot of time and effort to finish it. This time, I opt for a more relaxing method by using a brush pen, which allows a looser style.

Besides of that, following my Blitzwing sketch from twitter, I thought of using a new method by mixing pencils with pens together. Pens for line work, and pencils for shading.

Pencil Sketch
Line Art

Of course, again, I did plan the character design of both characters, but not the background art entirely. The Art Nouveau-styled pattern did not appear until I finished the shading of the characters, which by then I only began to draw by researching Alphonse Mucha’s posters. The pattern is pretty much improvised.

Again, the artwork is not perfect. I have not done much research about how to draw the shading of the feathers/fur, and that erasing the pencil sketch ended up smearing the line art of the chick instead. Perhaps I would draw some research sketches of actual chickens while minding the line art and wait until it is completely dry.


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