TFA UM + Arcee in shades 

In the g1 movie, I noticed that both Arcee and Ultra Magnus has visors (Arcee’s one appeared at one point and was probably never seen again, while UM’s one is his default optic). Seeing how I am interested of the TFA selves of both characters, I thought of drawing them wearing shades in their corresponding colours.

While I planned to draw a picture of both characters posing in shades, it is pretty tricky to decide their composition, especially when I’m not familiar with Ultra Magnus’s design compared to Arcee’s. His squarish design clashes with my usual circular way of drawing characters.

Because of this, I postpone the artwork with posing and proceed to draw headshot only. It is easier for me to control the form and lines with fewer things to draw, and it could fulfill my aim to draw every day without being too taxing.

To understand UM’s design better, I drew some reference sketches from screenshots. The sketches I drew today are pretty limited compared to the other characters, but they are enough for me to draw a proper headshot.

First Draft and reference sketches
First Draft and reference sketches
Reference Sketch of UM

Afterwards, I proceeded to draw the pencil drafts. It is worth noting that I drew Arcee’s headshot before drawing UM’s reference sketches.

Pencil Draft
First Inking
Second Inking (Arcee)
Second Inking (UM)

Of course, when I proceed to do the shading, again I made some misstep by not planning the shading sooner, especially the gleaming texture of the shades and the optics hidden under it. As a result the shading and the optic part seem very haphazard, especially with UM’s shades.

It is a shame, but as one professional artist Jake Parker once said, “Finished, Not Perfect“. So considering this, I shall let the mistakes go, and learn how to avoid them next time.

Anyhow, I seemed that I had spent about an hour to finish it. Perhaps it is time for me to proceed writing the next entry for the SM2288 blog and finish the reading materials for the class tomorrow.

TFA: Shades (2016)
RC in shades
UM in Shades

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