Digital Composition Assignment #2: Video

(Recently my second DigiComp Assignment has been graded. On one hand, it is the lowest compared to other students according to the statistics; on the other hand, I had graded around 13.2 over 15, which optimistically could be seen as A- / B+)

The second assignment required me to edit a surreal video based on self-made video footages and photography, with After Effects. There are several requirements to showcase the technical aspects, such as an animated mask, or the slow-in / slow-out. This was which I, shamefully, neglected to follow all of them methodically.

I had previously said about using AE for animating cutout animation. While the principle is the same (using interpolation to animate an object), the process was much more complex, as many components were needed compared to the Cutout animation.

After a few discussion and brainstorming, I came up with an idea where a tree grows out fruits, which eventually burst out into golden coins. I chose to use the plant as the “tree”, with Mum as the actor who water the plant.

During the animating process, one of the most painstaking process was  animating the leaves. For I had to animate around twenty leaves at once, in different positions, rotation and distribution, throughout different time.

Many improvisations were made during the process. One was when I realized that all the footage HAD to be self made (so my found gold footage cannot be used). Problem was solved by changing the golden coins into red pockets (Red paper bags with money inside, also one of the iconic symbols of the Chinese New Year)

At the end, I finished the video and added sound effects. It was a chore to do, but I learnt much experience about using After Effect for animation.

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